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10. Works in English and other languages

This section features the titles by Jiří Vacek that are available in foreign languages.

A postal fee is added to the stated prices in accordance with the currently valid postal tariff of fees for the parcels sent abroad depending on the country from which the order is made.

Orders are accepted via our e-shop or email objednávky@pratelejirihovacka.cz

Vacek Jiří: Handful of Gems (Hrst drahokamů)

300,00 Kč

Vacek Jiří: Jnana Gita, deutsche Übersetzung: Mgr. Jan Vomela

Jnana Gita preface255fc6c691c37f
100,00 Kč

Vacek Jiří: Observation and concentration on observer

100,00 Kč